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Asea Sool is the new project of composer,musician and arranger BekBekson and his charismatic sister,lyricist Atina Kornelius. It is a musical kitchen for genuine gourmets,which combines the tastes of long-standing traditions with modern trends in underground culture,seasoned with inexhaustible Georgian drive,fiery passion and the hot sun of Batumi.

Their live performances bathe the audience in a wide range of emotions - from dreamy infatuation to unrestrained dancing. The combination of Atina's profound,velvety voice and BekBekson's masterly guitar creates an inimitable musical reality,which is made up of the explosive mixture of British roch'n'roll,US delta blues,French chansons and Georgian folk.

Despite all contemporary tendencies,the group preserve national originality and touching honesty in their sound.

Fusion / Experimental / Jazz / Rock / Folk / Funk / Other


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  • 16 Mar'19

    Asea Sool • Bari-Barshi 591 99 72 67 📞

    Location Tbilisi - Geronti kIkodze Street, 9, 0105


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